Reviews for "Tree House Quest"

Charming graphic and gameplay, it is fun.

But I guess there is a bug, when you start and go to the left, there is something like a golden circular thing in a sandy place surrounded by 3 long pieces of woods. When I went near it the character got stuck and I had to restart the game because he couldn't move.

(I went straight left, then I went downwards and then continued to the right side. The river was above me and one piece of the wood was under me and there is where I got stuck)

Smooth gameplay, the graphics are simple, and it's "loses" not "looses." Other than that, good job, folks.

Good stuff!

Had loads of fun playing this.

It was great, amazing play through and smooth gameplay.

(make another plz)

This game is really good: smooth control, classic battle system, vivid animation. All in all, I have a good 15 minutes playing this