Reviews for "Tree House Quest"

No loading(((

paraple-geek responds:

hello, sorry about that :(

The game does load but we didn't had time to make a loader.
The game is heavy (17 mo) so it takes a while before showing up!


I gotta say, this was a really enjoyable game. Cute and visually appealing art style, great humor, and a surprisingly solid combat system. At first I thought the fights would be too easy since there was no sort of experience system, but the addition of various attacks and moves as the game went on turned each fight into a neat little puzzle of sorts. Overall, this a really nice little experience, and if you wanted to expand this concept into a full adventure game/RPG, I think there'd be room to do it. Maybe multiple kids to control, new combat systems, larger puzzles, experience, that sort of thing.

Whatever the case, great game! Will love to see more of your work in the future.

Well done, especially for the time frame! Lots of fun, great humor, nice, consistent visual style. Brought me back to my childhood a bit (cynthia, indian burns, pogs).

I also liked the sphynxter, thought that was pretty funny.

The art itself was really great (the sphynxter appearing was awesome, so was brioche's attack). However, some of the pixels seemed to jitter. Did you guys play around with tweaking Unity for pixel perfection? I know I've experienced a bit of difficulty myself with this in the past.

Also, I'm curious, were the battles done completely using the canvas (or UI elements in world space)? I ask because of the masking effect when defeating enemies and when the health bar (haha, I'm just realizing the brilliance of having the health bar be an actual bar :D) reduces.

Anyhow, great job. Keep it up!

paraple-geek responds:

Thanks for your feedback !

We did not try to reach pixel perfection , we didn't had time for that. The pixel size is not even constant over all the assets.

The battle were made using both sprite and canvas. Sprites for the fighters, attacks and backgrounds and canvas for the text and health bar.

We used rect mask to show the bar when full and hiding the part behind the packaging. That way we only had to translate the bar tu reduce it.

This game was great i liked the pokemon kind of battle. I just wish there was more to play. Thia game was AWESOME. I also liked how when to pick up stuff in the game you dont just never use it again you use it in battle which i find is a great aspect in a game.

Was that the actual Cynthia Doll from the Rugrats cartoon?? haha yes. just for that nostalgia, I grant thee-- 5 Stars!