Reviews for "Tree House Quest"

Amazing you managed to do so much in 72 hours

fun game!

Overall, this was a very fun game to play. I loved the Pokemon-style fights, and the overall innocence felt while playing. The twist at the end was also hilarious. However, I do have one thing to say: I felt very frustrated on the Dwarf section, and the line of sight felt a little too wide. However, I love how you interpreted the theme, and this is certainly on my favorites list.

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much from the game at first. But, I actually enjoyed this. At first, the lack of a display of how much hp I had kind of turned me off, but then I learned to figure that out myself, so well done there. My only real gripe now is that the last few boss battles seemed to rely entirely on luck to win. I was able to beat DL in five turns on first try, yet Cid killed me five times before I lucked out and he defended 4 times in a row. Other than that, and the length (but it was made in 48 hrs so that's forgiven), you guys definitely surprised me with this one. Very nice work!

Fantastic game. Funny, whimsical, lots of imagination. Great work.