Reviews for "Tree House Quest"

So I was brought to this game after playing Back Home, also developed by paraple-geek. When the game finished loading I was not surprised to see outstanding colors, and well done controles (my favorite bit was how you show the player to use the yoyo with a cutscene, not a tutorial). In all this was a fun game. Thank you paraple-geek and SentsuFR for making a good looking, fun game.

paraple-geek responds:

Thank you very much for your comments, it makes the whole team very happy !

Cute quick game. I actually jumped a little bit at the sound whenever I was spotted by the gnomes. Just a little complaint about the Spinxter, it took me around 10 tries to beat - seems it really was just a matter of luck and trying again and again.

Love the game, very charming and would be great as a larger game with more power-ups and areas ot explore!

A garden of Keemstar's minions Gnomes, I rate dis game 420/10

Hi, this is a very nice game. I just would ask: is there a tutorial to make games like this? Thanks