Reviews for "Tree House Quest"

A fun game with full of imagination

Great game overall. Only flaw I could find is the text could use some proofreading, but other than that, great job guys!

I liked the art style and music, and battling system reminded me of old games, which was pretty fun. Also different zones are pretty nice: despite some of them being little tedious as some people might say, they were quite forgiving with lots of checkpoints. I would say that for me was a little problematic that sudden increase in opponents' combat power, but, again, it wasn't hard, just a bit surprising. Maybe need to work on smoothing those to have more gradual increase, because almost all of 'em battles, even boss battles were extremely easy to win, even without learning the patterns, just by sheer force, and then suddenly there's Big Bro Battle.
Overall, very nice game, especially for a game made in 72 hours. And most important thing - it was childish and fun! Reminded me of my own childhood, so thanks for nice nostalgia trip.

Felt akward and weird to meet some of the type of things I had to fight such as an evil tomato but overall this was quite entertaining. Thank you for that hard work you put into this game!

It has potential to be something much greater, but the peaces are defensively there.
while I did have some problems like the almost pathetically simplistic battle system and the second area, the game was still enjoyable to play. music was catchy, graphics were nice and the cutscene-like pictures were a pleasure to look at and the cild-like feeling the game gives you, makes it a charming experience. and although the previously mentioned second area was tedious (and sometimes even unfair) it still managed to keep it's charm.

and it was only made in 72 h....
0_0 wow