Reviews for "Tree House Quest"

I really like the game. It has a nice story, nice controls, and silly powers.

This game was SO much fun to play. The music, the sounds, the funny texts just EVERYTHING!
It's awesome

Great little game; had some good variety with its own story and characters for a short ludum dare game :)
The combat started really basic (could be easily button-mashed through nearly half of the game), but it got a little more interesting towards the end with extended and 'one shot' attacks.
The dwarf bit made me wish that the camera could have zoomed out a bit more, many times I was seen by dwarves I wasn't even aware of, and the alert sound was a bit loud, but that's a smaller issue, heh.
The overall art, animation and humor was pretty entertaining, and really shined through the different environments.

the gnome part scared me sh(censored). good game. this is almost as good as riddle school.