Reviews for "Tree House Quest"

I loved the ending

Entertaining game

And so this was an entertaining game and very enjoyable I will admit the game progress was somewhat slow so that's one area you could work on it was pretty fun and I thaught the enemies we're some nice and intense creatures some strange designs but you had some nice designs all about so my advice is speed up the tempo of the game somehow overall this was pretty decent of a game so keep up the game making

For what it was I really liked it, it was cute. thank you for making it. Great Job

pretty fun game bit short but has great potenctial

Fun game! Unfortunately it is very short. I would love to see a fuller version of this game. The overall feel and music is great. I did notice a few typos (e.g. the Golden Pog is called the Golden Pod).

For those of you that were wondering...

Mr. Robot - "01100001 01110100 01110100 01100001 01100011 01101011!!!"

Translation: "Attack!!!"