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Reviews for "The Legend of LUST - 1st alpha instalment v0.8"

I'm in a bit of a pickle here, i only see a black screen, but i still see the Settings icon and menu icon, and i use button "Tab" to see what im able to click form the black screen. Oh and 3 Stars for the intro.


Dear Don,
sorry to hear that you are experiencing this problem. We have found that in most cases similar to yours, the problem is due to so security setting that blocks our main file to call and load an external movieclip that is loaded within the main file. This unfortunately results in a black screen.
Please try to view the game directly from our website as for most this seems to have solved the problem. Alternatively, if you spot your specific setting and you are able to fix the problem, we would be grateful if you could let us know so that we may take it into consideration when further developing the game.

Could be interesting, will follow.
By the way, I also really want the name of that song in the sex scene, but I'd appreciate it if you could be A BIT MORE SPECIFIC than the info you gave timesofdeath, namely, WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE SONG?


Thx for the great rating reyalz!
You mean this one?
PS we can read just fine even without the all caps ;P

Looks very promising, but I see 2 small problems.
1. I just can't catch a word out of that intro. Terrible voice
2. Maybe a bit too long tutorial :)


Dear jet,
thanks for the great rating and comments.
1. Unfortunately we don't have a voice actor (we might get one in the future if we can squeeze any of the very limited budget in that directing), it was the very 1st test take and it is mainly aimed at creating atmosphere. Nonetheless, as you stated it is clearly something that surely could use improvement.
2. Well we wanted to show a lot of stuff, introduce a lot of functions and start outlining the characters and storyline. Anyway we will discuss the length of the tutorial and maybe ask for more feedback on it etc.
Again, thank you for dropping by, trying out 1st alpha and taking the time to leave a comment.

looks good so far.


Glad to hear that. We will try to keep the standard up and release more content asap

this is coming along nicely, cant say much anyone else hasnt but where the hell did you get that song from its amazing


Thank you timesofdeath,
we appreciate your comment and amazing rating.
We have put together quite the archive of Free copyrights music in the past months. Most of them you can find on "NoCopyrightsSounds" where they also offer a free download link. They have a great collection of music that creators can use and we highly recommend checking them out.
Cheers ;)