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Reviews for "The Legend of LUST - 1st alpha instalment v0.8"

Pussy yum yum! Lol. Love the little demon. This game has so much potential. 9 levels of hell and all those physical realms? Quite a project. If I may make a couple suggestions/requests... Not everyone is a fan of greatly exaggerated anatomy, so please don't get carried away with the boobs and dicks, unless there is a specific purpose for it. Also, I would really like to see Lust keep his dorkish behavior. Possibly some sexual consequences for him when he loses a fight, like becoming a lady giantess's toy, or other depending on what realm he's in. And his instructor needs to eventually become one of his slaves. :) Great work


Dear Althor,
thank you for your great rating and comment. We are glad to know that you see potential in this game and that you like our work so far.
Regarding your suggestions... well we don't want to give out spoilers... but let's just say that, on most things... we have an understanding ;)
Cheers ;)

I really think this game will can go somewhere, you guys are doing great so far. Sure, it may take longer then usual but that's because you guys seem to be putting a lot of effort into it so i'm pretty happy about that. Keep up the good work and I Honestly hope this game succeeds. Good luck :)


Thank you very much for the great rating and kind comment. Yes we do indeed spend a lot of time on getting it right, especially the animations. It will be a big ongoing project but we plan to release a new update every month. Hopefully we will continue gathering support and everything will run smoothly enough to keep everything going until completion.
Cheers ;)

Got to admit tho them graphics are like top notch stuff, and that intro animation was awesome.
This seems way more than an alpha set game to me and there is gonna be more than this can't wait for it. Also get the feeling that the demon in the title screen is what your lil demon guy will turn into when you max him out.
P.S really like the music for this game could sit there at the title screen for days.


Thanks for the great review and awesome rating cool!
We appreciate your words, we ourselves have spent quite some time on that title screen and we are glad that you know the feeling. Regarding the demon, well we want to avoid spoilers but, you are thinking in the right direction, although... there is more to it. That is all we will say for the moment.
Cheers ;)

It's s good concept, and I think it has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see where this game goes!!


Thank you payge,
we are glad you like our game. We are planning on releasing our next update this coming month.
Thanks for the great rating.

Game is broken and does not work
i dont know if this is a glitch or what but wen you play the game and get dont seeing the short fucker and demon bitch they disappear and the game shows an arrow...thats it
no character
no tutorial
no info
no nothing
just an arrow i try reloading dident work
i try clicking different buttons dident work
i try right clicking does not work im just stuck in the intro area
i dont even know how to play what to press what not to i know nothing
i cant give you any stars because i could not play the game

this was very frustrating because i even left the game there went out with friends came back and nothing changed
once again
in the into area where you start the game with demon bitch thats where the glitch happens
no character no nothing fix this so this can be rated fairly but for now its a zero


Dear Azaze,
we have just tested it and from our end, it works fine...
do you have the latest flash player? do you have a decent internet connection? do you have some security setting that blocks files trying to load other files online (the game recalls other files located on our server)? have you tried playing the game directly on our website?
We hope this help, let us know