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Reviews for "The Legend of LUST - 1st alpha instalment v0.8"

So you rip of Jun Tsukasa's original art - and probably others too - and expect people to pay YOU for it through Patreon? No wonder there's no scene for Hottie, the original artwork that you traced was never animated.


Dear Peruggia,
we have taken inspiration from many artists, games, mangas, cartoons we used to watch, movies etc... but we have created everything from scratch and we can post the files if necessary. We have worked for over half a year on this, on our free time. Each single model you see it took from a minimum of 1 week to 2 weeks just to draw. The animations way longer. Now we are not sure what you are referring to and we ask no1 to pay. We invite people to support our studio via Patreon, but the game is free to play for everyone. As are all of our other released games (5 in total).
Regarding Hottie, there already are animations and more will be released in the coming updates.

Very bad


If you could elaborate it would be appreciated...

Looks cool ..... I invest in this with a 5\5 score (6.56. voting power) ...... The song is kind of lame, please add a turn off option for the music,add voice sounds and more features


Dear zaigwast,
thank you so much for your great rating!!!
Eventually we will add such features, for the moment we rely on the PC inbuilt volume control

Basically a choice-locked tutorial throughout, with some sex acts animated nicely enough while others are only teaser clips a few seconds long.

Graphics ok in places, sound ok, design and story need some work.


Yes it's a choice locked tutorial introducing some of the main features of the game and the main story line. Being the very first alpha release, there is still lot to do. Better backgrounds for example is something we have cut on in favor of model design and animation complexity/fluidity.
The game so far is over 1 million frames of animated content that took over half a year of work to complete. Unfortunately, there are only 2 of us working on this part time. We hope that in the future, if we gather more people to help out, we will be able to produce faster and better.

Can see your concern regarding Hottie heh xP
Yeah, that would likely have caused some butthurt people. Ah, double standards.

Anyhow, can start with: You might should include a option to lower or turn off music.
A bit "hm..." on some of the dialog and slurs. But will see how it progresses. If it manages to be consistent, the dialog should do just fine. Otherwise it might be a bit... stereotypical :P

Moving on: Initial pussy design is okay. Found her expression a bit... peculiar. But guess that can be written off as "slutty" xP
And lol, that quickly went hyper haha xD

Well, can say that you could improve the facial expressions on the female at the start. Her unblinking eyes are a little distracting.
It got a really peculiar mix of silly and attempted sexiness tbh.
And heh, didn't take Hottie for a sloppy seconds demon with her attitude xP

Stacking cum might be an idea. Though, that might be planned.
And hope you can upgrade that puss as well hehe. Else I'll be a bit dissapointed heh.
And hm... gotta say the scenes are pretty good so far. Makes me question where they get all the latex/cloth from, but that's overthinking it xD
The DT scene doesn't really work thought if taking into account how Lust looks anatomically but...
And a bit floppy oral, but looks quite good too.

Also, should there be a "beep" sound just as she dt's?
Also, guessing "she's in hell" is the reason to why she can't run out of air? xD
And damn... the scope of this game is really impressive. Fear you might be overshooting it possibly... but still wish you luck in it.
But yeah, will say I do hope there is some decent pussies in there. Would be rather boring if dicks get all the hyper and variety treatment xP Hopefully I can finish my project soon, and offer more feedback on that part. Definitely a solid start at least.


Dear Katt,
thank you for your extensive review and rating!
We appreciate all the comments/suggestions and thx for pointing out that glitch. We will look into it.
Yes the scope of the game is massive and we are aiming high. We hope to get support for the online community and consequently get some extra staff helping out. We are literally burnt out at the moment and we had to cut some corners to make the deadline (like we didn't spend as much time on things like the backgrounds etc).
Anyway, thx for your best wishes and lets cross fingers ^^