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Reviews for "The Legend of LUST - 1st alpha instalment v0.8"

There's no background. I can't play the game because it doesn't let me play it. Every time I go to where the arrow is guiding me it just brings me to a blank screen with nothing but the menu icon on the top right corner and the gear icon in the top left corner. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Please tell me what's going on.


Dear Epic,
we have sent you a personal message with a number of potential causes and solutions.
Let us know if it helps.

really good game that has lots of potential but with being hell will we see fetishes and sorts like feet? also for donating do i need to donate a certain amount for special content or?


Dear novasity,
we are glad to hear that you like our game and thx for the amazing rating.
What you say is quite true, the setting of the game (2nd circle of hell etc) really gives us a lot of freedom in regards to fetishes and many other things. There are already a great variety of things that we have introduced and more will come. Currently though, we have not made and have not yet in production something with feet. This said, we will probably include that in the coming months as we aim at having a bit of something for every taste (or at least close to almost every taste, there are certain things that we will not include).
Regarding donations, well you can check our Patreon page, we have a set of rewards for different amounts. Content-wise though, at least currently, there is no minimum limit. Just being a Patron grant access to Patron content. This said, the game is fully playable by everyone, even without the extra content as it does not effect the story-line.
Again thx for dropping by to try our game, leaving such a great rating and taking the time to write to us.

This looks so good i doubt its real,i hope to see this bloom into the great game it can be and not just en another forever incomplete dissapointment,loved what i saw,and option for sound volumewould be appreciated :P


Dear Haxler,
thank you for your review and rating.
We aim at developing the game further and further. Now since we are a small studio of 2 people working on this on part time at the moment, we would lie if we said that the game will be complete shortly. We aim, as you have seen, at doing something really massive and it will require time and effort. This said we hope to release the first update already next month. Our goal is to release updates on a monthly basis, each one being a step closer to the ultimate goal of having a game spacing across entire worlds.

you will get the whole fifth star when the game is done. This game is great so far and has a metric shit ton of potential. the only thing i want that i did not see here was penetration and pulling out animations.


Dear ruuse542,
Thank you for your great review and rating.
The Patron version that will be released this week, features some extra animation and 3 of them are precisely what you mentioned.

I know it's an alpha but i still know absolutely nothing about this game. There were like only 1-2 battles, some animations and an amount of tutorials. Also I don't count the previews on the world map which is more of Patreon bait than anything.
No idea how I should rate this. And why should support it when I don't even get to taste the battlesystem.


Dear Nysix,
we appreciate you trying out the game and taking the time to leave a review.
We believe that the whole point of the tutorial and map with intros (each of which could potentially be a mini game on its own) is actually to show people what the game is about. The 2 battles included are also aimed at giving people a taste of the battle system. This very 1st alpha release, took over half a year t make and features over 1 million animated frames, over a dozen models and sex scenes... we assumed that it would be enough to show people what the game is about. We are sad to hear that it wasn't enough for you. Unfortunately, we are a small studio. 2 people working on our free time and providing most of the budget required for production out of our pockets. Creating "the legend of LUST" was a colossal job for us and nearly drove us to exhaustion. We just hope that most users will appreciate our efforts and what we have created and released freely for all to play.