Reviews for "Frog Fable"

Really nice and compact game. What can I say. Frontpages, daily 3rd and 5 stars from me, all well-earned.

And I got a little victory dance for you, first try ;)

I liked how the last boss summons in enemies to fight you,n as well as make shields. The summoned enemies make the last boss a lot harder, and you used that well.

Very fun game. I'm only sad it isn't longer. The mechanics are solid, I like the semi-jokey way you get the autofire, and the mobs provided a great progression in danger. If I would suggest anything, aside from a longer game, I'd suggest separating SFX and music to two slider bars; the music was good, but I personally like to have the music at a lower volume so I can more easily hear the SFX.

Looking forward to the sequel, which I hope there will be, and any other games you create in the future.

It's a very fun game with the simple premise of getting milk leading to much more. There were little parts that made me laugh and the character's names just killed me.

great game man, the last boss was frustrating, but with some time and leveling up it was all good, thanks!

rzuf79 responds:

The pleasure is all mine!