Reviews for "Frog Fable"

It was pretty fun but no dmg upgrade made me stop playing,

Great game, needs more story element though and more features AKA More upgrades like health regen, more bubble damage, and more energy. I love the soundtrack though, keep that just the same.

Its thrilling me out....
i love this because its not bored ,its just CINEMATIC (lol) XD

enjoyable, a bit challenging when attempting to not use the healer or die.

Tip: if going for no deaths, don't worry about the last boss fight. You can buy unlimited health potions for 2000 from the cook.

******BAD ENGLISH!!!*****(My english its horrible)
Ok everything ok and I do not want to see the walkthrough so ok,
But man
Wizard? Ant? Soldier? The man of milk? And then I have to find the professor? or wat?
or where? because run the whole map XD all powers to 100% and I DO NOT FIND IT.

Good story, I like the concept how the outcome is handled.
* Level up is not difficult
* The story keeps you in search without boring you in long moments eliminating waves of animals or rubbish of personages.
* It's not difficult, the game is not very easy either.
He does not have much difficulty in the levels and they rise very fast
* The use of items is not necessary, that does not leave much interaction.