Reviews for "Frog Fable"

thought it was pretty fun, but it starts out waaaaaaaaaaay to slowly. many of the upgrades felt almost superfluous by the time you can finally earn them... well, aside from the final battle that is--i surely needed them all for that one. on the other hand, if you decide to make a sequel, i would definitely play it. this game is more than worth the time it takes to beat it: some games give out medals far too easily.

(never did figure out the Emotional Abuse secret medal though. that one still eludes me. hope that doesn't make me stupid.) xD

rzuf79 responds:

About the medal you are missing - there's this kid in the village, hanging out merrily with his balloon. :)

game nice really :) i'm love see have part 2? :D and game really fun :) i'm kill Evil can't get all badges

really Game Fun


the game was amazing and i have no complaints about it. i hope you make a second one.

Good game, I got the no deaths badges, the It Wasnt So Dangerous To Go Alone isnt a 'no-death' at all, we jusst get the credits but its good anyways (Jokes are good in pixel games), the bunny bossfight was a bit tricky (I needed two health drinks, and my health upgrade level was 6) Music I didnt hear, (I had my sound off) and I honestly love this game, If only there were a sequel...> (Foreshadowing on Frog Fable 2?) Im not going to say 'OMG MAK FROG FABLE 2 NOW!11!!1!1' because you have to take your time, good video games arent made in a day. (Well maybe they are if u got mad skillz, but nevertheless) I love the game, and I could see how Zbylut could look like without his bad hair cut. Its a 10/10 game (if newgrounds could let me rate that high...) and everyone should play it, love your work rzuf79. Keep up the good work!

rzuf79 responds:

Thank you! <3
FF2 will happen, but, as you guessed, it will take some time to make. Thanks for the support!

I think the only issue I had with the game is that you spend most of your time blindly shooting stuff that's off screen. Otherwise, this was a fun little romp.