Reviews for "Frog Fable"

Love it

Graphics suck, game is hard, very boring fight system, only 2 bosses. Pretty good i think.

Is the theme song on soundcloud or youtube or anywhere? :3 (loved the game btw <3)

rzuf79 responds:

Here's the Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rzuf108
You can also download all the music from heeeere: http://23turtles.com/ff_music.zip

To those saying the main character walks and attacks too slowly - you'll get to upgrade the speed as the game goes on, give it a chance! Fun game, and thank you so much for making enemy attacks unable to pass through obstacles... otherwise the game would have been hell to finish. I also like the way you introduced autofire and the varied enemy types.

10/10 (never thought i would finish the game) I LOVE IT !!

- Please tell me you're making a second part!!

rzuf79 responds:

I will come eventually, but will definitely take some time.