Reviews for "Frog Fable"

It's really pathetic when your programming skills force easy bosses to be harder by swarming the player with lower but somewhat powerful mobs.

rzuf79 responds:

Hi, hope this being mean is just for fun and not because life's bad for you in any way. Thanks for trying out my game, all best wishes.

This is just a masterpiece. The soundtrack is really good. The gameplay is fun. The final boss is infuriating to kill, but since you keep collecting gems and getting stronger, it's not impossible.

Did you compose the songs yourself? Do you think you could upload them here on Newgrounds?

rzuf79 responds:

Thanks, will do!

awesome game :D

The only reason I'm not putting 5 stars is because I wish there was more to it.
It feels like the beginning of a zelda like game with a lot of items and stuff but just after the first mission it is the end of the game...

I played without sound so I can't argue about the music but great game!

Just great stuff. Wish there was more like this!

The art design was simple, but I think fit the gameplay well. It also scaled in difficulty really well, I felt. I especially like how the frogs remained the main problem throughout the game (though I guess there were two types of frog).

I like the basic idea of an attack that makes a problem worse before it makes it better. It didn't happen too often, but it was funny enough and when things got messy it required a bit of strategic thinking. Not too much, though, I guess, as it's a pretty simple game!

When healing was doled out was pretty crucial, and it all seemed very well timed and playtested. That's pretty rare for a free game on a portal like this!

Very much earned your 5 out of 5. If I had one suggestion, it be that maxed out energy regeneration include some form of autofire. Lots of clicking gets hard after a while.

rzuf79 responds:

Thank you!
Yes, prolly should've put the autofire as an upgrade somewhere in the game. Well, there's still the Android version coming with default autofire!