Reviews for "Frog Fable"

Sweet Quest for Glory reference.

rzuf79 responds:

Ha, someone actually noticed. Nice!

Damn bunny has 5 forms?! Too hard pls nerf it.

Has promise but is pretty buggy. Movement slows down, or the character will sometimes continue walking in whatever direction(s) I had him going in last and I must press those buttons again to make him stop. Also, cannot fire while walking, except when the auto-walk bug kicks in, which leaves me extremely vulnerable to enemies either way.

My one problem:

The save feature should have a yes/no prompt before doing its thing.

Bugged movement, accidentaly walking out of boss area just to do it all over again and need to click for each fucking bubble instead of holding buton... This game isnt finished enough for being beaten by me

rzuf79 responds:

What do you mean by "bugged movement"?
Autofire is enabled later in the game.
Walking out of boss area is now also fixed.

Hope there was anything that you found at least slightly enjoyable so your time wasn't completely wasted. :)