Reviews for "Frog Fable"

good shit!

Protip for final boss: His left side is vulnerable when he falls from the jumps (the shields appear from the bottom counter clock wise).

I have this irresistible urge to cast Zembor.

I feel bad for not understanding how to get ahead. I mean, all I do is inflate the frogs and nothing happens. I keep going back to the guy and he says I need to get rid of more. Well, they do reform every time I go there. I at least appreciate the music. It's pretty easy to understand how to get through the game.

I counted three frogs I inflated. He still said I needed to do more! I know that I went every single place I could and I can't advance! The colors are pretty nice here. Frogs inflating are pretty funny.

rzuf79 responds:

Are you sure you went to the wizard's garden as asked? There are five frogs you have to get rid of to progress. There's map and a walkthrough for the game available on the BigDino website, you can get there by clicking the map icon in the game.
Thanks for playing!

Very very very very very very nice game.