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Reviews for "Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo"

I don't usually play games like this but I am happy I gave this game a chance. I had never played an hentai game like this before because I thought they were all bad, but I was wrong about this particular one.

I really enjoyed the gameplay, lore, and all of the voices. I enjoyed collecting all the items I could and finding all of the fragments. I also enjoyed the various "animations" that play out when you get stunned, and the game over screens were quite entertaining, but it starts to get a bit boring when you die to the same enemy over and over and get the same scenes over and over, but for the game over screens, you can just press Z.

Overall, it is a game that I will definitely support if I can and I really enjoyed almost every aspect. (loved the boss ;)) The characters are funny, the H scenes are great, almost everything you could ask for, and this is coming from someone whose never played a hentai game like this. Cant wait for full release!

EDIT: The game over scenes could be a good thing to add to the gallery, and a sound test with the games soundtrack would be great!

hentaiwriter responds:

Extremely flattering review, getting reviews like this really mean a lot :) thanks so much, seriously, it means the world to us to read stuff like this!

As far as the gallery, yep, they'll all be in the gallery, and so will a sound test!

how do you open the iron doors with the red circle on them like the one Faye is trapped in?

hentaiwriter responds:

You need to crush the Security Bot in those rooms with the large Gravity Pillars

Been following the development of this game ever since the first public demo, and some of the improvements and game mechanics it developed over the years are great. Just one little nitpick on my part. It may seem weird for some, but I would prefer if there was an option to toggle the voice acting off. Its not that its bad, just that i prefer to read with the voices in my imagination rather than listen to someone's voice.

hentaiwriter responds:

You can actually do that! Just go to the options by pressing ESC and scroll to the audio options; you can mute NPC voicework, the main character's voicework, or both :)

It's been so long since I stumbled onto this game I forgot how I found it. I was just looking for a sexy game, and found way more than that. The game's story is interesting and fun to discover, and the platforming is well thought out and designed. I loved the first demo and I Patreon'd it for a few months too, but I couldn't keep it going for longer than that ><. Been waiting and hoping that this game would get finished, and now it is! I'm wicked excited for the release! Great work guys :)

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks so much, we can't wait to get it out for you all :D

Been watching this game grow for years... Gotta say... Nice!

It's been good seeing how everything progresses and evolved from the original post, to how it is now.

Also, all the sex, the sex is fun.

hentaiwriter responds:

Glad to hear you liked it, we definitely want to deliver something even better for the full game!