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Reviews for "Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo"

Game is great, but kinda started to drag on after getting killed by a grunt 3 times in a row. It's fun hard, though, not "kill me" hard. I'll say it again, the game is great.

vile sends you back to the main menu

As a pornographic game, it's 5 stars. As a game that has pornographic elements, we have some issues. This is a story based game but how does it tell the story? With texts... Reading long texts while playing, it's like taking a break from the game to read a book. It's not really preferable, I like them on their own.

And I can't see everything, so if I was playing for the story, I'd be really concerned that I am missing some terminals, thus story. And I want to find power-ups and fragments too. Game sends me back to the hub every time I got captured and for a skill-based game like this, it can be hard. So, it would be great to see terminals, power-ups and fragments in the map after I first saw them. I mean it doesn't have to show which power-up or which terminal it is, just a square would be enough, something to say "Oh I missed something there, maybe it is a fragment or a terminal or a power-up but I better check it.". As I said, otherwise I get nervous that I am missing something. After I entered a room or maybe after they entered the screen, it would be nice to see them on map.

hentaiwriter responds:

Hey, glad you liked the demo so much! Let me clarify a few things regarding your issues with the game;

- For cutscenes in general, in the build you're playing, all cutscenes are unfortunately unskippable. The current version and full version of the game will have the vast majority of cutscenes as optional ones, so that you can trigger them at your leisure.

- Regarding all the text, as everything is voiced in the game (and in this demo!), we'll have an auto-play function that will let cutscenes and databanks automatically play out and you can just listen to them.

- You can also "save" databanks in the full game to read for later in a collections menu, so you don't have to read them then and there.

- The current backer-only demos and the full game show you where databanks, fragments and powerups are at on maps if you've visited the map before :) so that feature's already in too!

Those improvements coming to the full game (or already in backer demos) should hopefully help a lot with things for you, they're good quality of life upgrades for sure!

Thanks again for the review!

loved it keep it up

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks a lot!

Game is ... good
but its missing quite a lot options
In one area there is small window where i can get through only crouching but crouching and walking is not an option in this game.
Also there is no quest book , i took a quest , went somewhere , then i had to go to the kitchen , came back , and already forgot what am i suppose to do , i can wear black bandana on my eyes and i will have the same experience.

hentaiwriter responds:

The area with the small window isn't intended to be passed; it's just an aesthetic thing :P anywhere in the demo you can't get to is intended as such, etc.

There are no quests in the game; assuming you mean the cutscenes and such, there's no book for those as none of the cutscenes are things that are required to do to advance, and almost all of them are fairly open ended so there's no real way to signify any "objective" to do with any of them.

Sorry about all that being confusing, but glad you enjoyed the game otherwise!