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Reviews for "Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo"

Great game. As an avid consumer of VNs and Eroge in general, it's very interesting to see western creators working in this type of game as well and I'm very much interested in buying it once it comes out. Here's to hoping for a successful release so that you guys can keep making more games like this.

hentaiwriter responds:

Yeah, we're hoping for a successful release too, we're doing our best to get it out ASAP!

good game, but is there anywhere else to buy other than on Steam? not the kind of thing I wanna advertise

hentaiwriter responds:

Yeah, we'll also be selling on many, many other platforms :)

does anyone know of a sex game with badges???

i hope the full game will be here because it fun!!!
and i hope the full game on steam will be free
edit: awwww, but atleast i had fun and thanks for letting me know

hentaiwriter responds:

Unfortunately the full game just wouldn't fit in the HTML5 format nor on Newgrounds; additionally, the full game will be $20 on steam, as we've got to be able to have funds to jumpstart the sequel as well as make back the $50,000+ in debt we had to go to make the game (20 hours of voiceacting isn't cheap, 2+ hours of music, and 1,000+ sound effects aren't cheap! :P)

Glad you enjoyed the demo though and thanks a lot for the rating, it means a lot!

can't wait for the release

hentaiwriter responds:

Us too! :D