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Reviews for "Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo"

i just have questions. what computer should this game play on, along with my current pc is having this demo crash, and me knowing that if my current pc cant handel the demo, then i cans say for sure that if i bought the final game that it would not work. im almost finished with the demo and past the two finnal layers of the 2X3 mainframe, it crashes. just wish to bring it to your notice. along with that i have been playing the demo's since the first version of it came out. and i have enjoyed the demos produced. i enjoyed all the easter eggs and read all the terminals of the demos. and the effort and lore placed into the game is astounding. however i never purchased or looked to buy the monthly patreon since the game has frame drops or all out crashes. does the game crash because of the HTML5 rate? and if you can move the newground's account to another better computer, shouldn't the data of the game go to the other computer when putting the account on another computer? along with that, i miss the old 1.0 demo of the lava map. the game is absolutely great. but the combat always has something missing. and will the final version of the game have mind control or hypnotism? or an enemy that has a brain whip ability? but i digress from the fantasy of wanting something of a game i don't own. but can you change the controls to something like a letter? or have the organization of the equipment be tuned to be simpler? i don't know but the organization system is a little annoying. along with the game not having problems, i wish there were more enemies i could beat up, and to "enjoy" there company. the game is more solid then any game i have played in a while. the coding put into the hit box of every attack is excellent. i am interested in the coding and sequence was like making the game. the only thing that would be cool is the ability to play the old demo again. i miss the lava maps. i collected all the fragments avalible in the demo along with the items. the combination of the art and game go well with each other. i just hope the final game will not be so crashey. but the game, that's playable is perfect and exceeds excellence. i don't really say perfect a lot because i don't belive in the word, however the game itself is perfect and great. does it have problems? well yea, but the game is well made and crafted with functionality and ahem- "fun". the game all around is fun. and if there is a challenge you want? look no further, is it the game harder then most? no, but the short puzzle's and simplistic thinking make it so the work is not to hard but still challenges you. could you fix the problem of crashing? and ever had plans to put in something but scraped the idea? if so why? and will there ever be something like what the old flying demon did? with the hypnotism? will there be more of that when the game is done? if so what are yall gonna sell it on?

hentaiwriter responds:

Let me try to answer some of your questions here as best as I can!

- The final game is meant for a PC using Windows 7 or above; you can use a Mac, but only with WINE to emulate it for now.

- This particular version though is HTML5, meaning it can run on both Mac and Windows, but the performance of the game suffers quite a bit as a result or even result in crashes if it runs out of resources; if it doesn't run well for you on Newgrounds, the stand-alone .exe might run a lot better.

- The data on accounts on Newgrounds is specific to that account, I believe, but I could be wrong.

- The combat is something we're always improving on, so look forward to improvements on that front.

- There won't be any mind control or hypnotism in the game per Patreon rules; sorry!

- You can reconfigure all the keys by pressing ESC at any time; you can also use a controller, too. :)

- The full game will have 20 enemies and 7 bosses, so you definitely should have more enemies to beat up when it comes out :P

- The final demo for the game will be the Fire Level again, but this time polished to full game content standards (as it'll literally be the first level of the game), so you'll get to play the Fire Level again then!

- There's definitely stuff we weren't able to get in both due to time constraints and because we wanted to save them for the sequel, where Faye's gameplay would make more sense with those things (like mid-bosses and such).

- We'll be selling it on Steam, Nutaku, FAKKU, GameJolt, Itch.io, Mikandi, DenpaSoft, MangaGamer, JAST, DLSite, DMM, and many other places!

Thanks a lot for the compliments regarding the databanks, lore, programming, gameplay, and the game as a whole btw! :)

i love the game, games like this should be on newgrounds

hentaiwriter responds:

Well, unfortunately we can't do the final game on Newgrounds due to constraints of HTML5, but we definitely plan to do another public demo at game release!

I have a problem. When I start the first level I get turned around, facing the wall and I can't move. If I spam left and right i move left for a split second.

hentaiwriter responds:

It's likely that you have more than one controller plugged in. Try checking your controllers to make sure you only have one plugged in, or none plugged in at all.

Alternatively, your controller that's in may be one that's not recognized by the program; the full game should recognize most of, if not all controllers.

If neither of those solutions work, then you should download the updated version at https://gamejolt.com/games/FutureFragments/332701 :)

It's a hentai game, that's fun and not a meet and fuck? Do i need to say more?

hentaiwriter responds:

Happy to see you enjoyed it a lot, thanks for trying it out and the rating too!

Oh hell yeah voices from PM Seymour

hentaiwriter responds:

He was amazing to work with, he actually did 4 or 5 characters in the demo alone; really, really great VA.