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Reviews for "Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo"

Intro is very long

hentaiwriter responds:

The intro tutorial won't be in the full game; additionally, the intro cinematic will be viewable at the rate you like for the full game instead of being set to a certain time period. Hopefully you enjoyed the game otherwise!

ah yes. 1 of my favorite demos in newground :)
is this the same game with the STEAM one ???
also i really like challenging games, so a hard/lunatic option would be fantastic :1
also plz add colorblind support :(

hentaiwriter responds:

The Steam version will actually be superior to this version as it'll be running as a standalone executable! (Less load times, way more content, etc.)

There will also be challenges within the game, too!

As far as colorblind support goes, what would you want to see have colorblind options?

This went from action game to hentai real fast! :-D

Edit: Played for a bit, died for the first time when going for path 3.

well this is without a doubt a hentai! :-D

Edit 2: Dev, I really hate you from not letting me in their no matter what -.-
"softlock" what a cheap excuse :-D
Nice game, dude! :-)

hentaiwriter responds:

:P Nice job finding the "softlocks"!

Glad you enjoyed the demo too, hopefully you'll check out the full game also!

Awesome work! from animation to concept, just wow.
Just one query - How do I enter Path 2? I tried the reverse gravity trick, but apparently devs knew about that possibility, and now I'm just roaming around trying to find another way.

hentaiwriter responds:

From the hub room (where you spawn), if you reverse gravity, you'll be in E1; from there, if you keep going up (continuing to reverse gravity), you'll enter Path 2.

Hope that helps; glad you enjoyed the demo! :D

I have never seen a dev respond to nearly every single question and concern on multiple platforms, you deserve way more attention mate! Keep up the killer work!

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks a lot; we're trying our best to make sure everyone gets their questions answered and/or enjoys the game, ideally, gonna try our best to make sure that keeps happening! :D