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Reviews for "Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo"

I was expecting a mediocre platformer game with only adult features as an entertainment, but surprisingly the dialogue alone which is well written, got me all excited.

I don't think I've found any bugs on my side and there's really nothing I could criticize this long effort masterpiece. Great job!

hentaiwriter responds:

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for the review and rating both, it means a lot! :D


I've been playing this since it was frontpaged in 2016, so I think it was unfair that I've never written a review for it, because I love it.

The first time I played it was still the fire level, but I think there's no point in talking about that, because it has been updated since.

It's hard to think of the first thing to talk about, everything is great. But I imagine the first topic should be what first caught my eye: lewd content. I think this may be one of the main things that attract people here (probably it was a lot more during the time of the fire level). Personaly I think it is perfect, it shows up enough to be a main part of the game, but it's not free and cheap as to spoil it. And it's nice, like everything in the game it's well made with good animation, art, voice acting and script. It is there, a bit like a side thing, something that makes losing less anoying. It doesn't get over-saturated and it's so well made that it doesn't feel awkward.

The design of the game is great as well, it is challenging and adictive, reminds me of one of those classic hardcore plataformers like Megamen and Metroid (this game gives me a very strong Megamen feel). I played the fire level and this one, I didn't get to play the snow level because I'm broke and can't support on Patreon, but as far as I've seen the game is at it's best now, and for the look of things, it will get even better. A lot has changed since the fire level and it all made it better (such as HP not regenerating on their own, back in the fire level I needed to fail a lot or be in a very hard part to lose, now it happened more often).

The art is one of the best I've seen in games in general around Newgrounds, every animation is super detailed, some that would not be seen if not paying much atention. Everything simply looks a lot beautiful, it already did in the fire level, but it has improved dramatically. One of the best improvements in my opinion are the different backgrounds at diferent stages, the fire level had mostly the same backgound all along. The new game over scenes are also a very cool thing with great art, the same for the starting cutscene. It is amazing how the game has three different art styles overall, it has either a great team of artists or an amazing single artist.

The music and voice acting is simply amazing, they are my favorite things in this game. The music of the has that Canabalt feel: it's great and keeps the excitement up. But whats is the best is the voice acting, it's great already that the game has it, but its even better that it is so great, a lot of creativity and effort were put into it. It would be a sin to play this muted.

The writing is great, there seems to be an interesting and branching story with several different paths, the characters are well designed and captivating (the voice acting really helps here). The story of the game is interesting and leaves some questions that keep you on the edge of the seat, there is some amazing work put into world building and it gives depth to the tale. But what I like more is how charismatic the characters are, they have their own personalities (even the small characters that you only read about). Talia is very captivating, in this level she is a lot more talkative then in the fire level, and that lets the player get to know her and like her.

It is a great game and I have been keeping an eye on it for a long time, it's geat to see things that people have said in past reviews implemented in the game. Really looking forward to when it gets complete. Keep up the great work.

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks for the really dense review and rating both! Let me respond to some of the stuff here;

- Glad to hear that the adult content is something that you feel is well balanced, we're really striving to hit that middleground of not being too excessive but also not feeling like it's an afterthought either!

- As far as not supporting on Patreon, note that if you're financially unable to, just want to try the game first, or you're in a country where you can't pledge to Patreon, we're fine with you pirating the demos; we won't DMCA any links for any of the Patreon demos because we understand not everyone can afford stuff (or they literally can't pledge due to location), and we absolutely don't want anyone to hurt their finances by pledging to us if they need money for essentials. (The only time we'd probably ever DMCA links would be on the full game's release, and only for the first few months because that's when most sales go out; we'd need that money so we can invest it back into more games!)

- And yep, the quality of this demo you just played is probably about 80% of the quality of the full game; there's still quite a few quality of life, visual/audio polish factors, gameplay improvements and more mechanics we have yet to add for the full game, so hopefully you're looking forward to that :D

- On top of the new backgrounds, we plan to do multiple tilesets for each level (so much like there were three sets of backgrounds, now there'd be tilesets to match each background change).

- There's only one artist for the entire game; TriangulatePixels, he does everything visual in the game!

- Hopefully you'll like the music in some of the other levels as the Electric Level is by far the most energetic out of all the levels; the other ones range from being outright ambient to something in the middle, etc.

- I'm personally happy you really like the characters and voicework, I really tried hard to breathe life into these characters and the storyline so it's encouraging that that came off as intended to you (and it seems others also)!

Looking forward to your response for the full game; thanks so much again!

So far, pretty good. I did run into a few issues with lag, but nothing too bad. One thing I have to say, though, is that Talia feels really heavy. Like, I know this is an action/platformer, but Talia feels....disjointed. I'm sorry I can't be clearer on that. It's my own feelings on the matter, I know, but I couldn't help but to notice and mention it.

Also, everything BUT the wall-hands and the milking machine give H-scenes? Unless I'm missing something here, but I'll admit to feeling disappointed.

hentaiwriter responds:

Sorry to hear about the lag; definitely try the downloadable version if you get the chance!

For Talia feeling heavy, this is actually intentional; all three of us on the team are fans of old school platformers instead of the more modern ones with a lot of momentum/inertia behind the character, because we prefer having near total control of the player vs. a lot of sliding/inertia based movement that robs control from the player if even for a bit of time.

So we understand how she can feel heavy to people who grew up on more modern platformers, but yeah, hopefully that explains our motivations/design choices better :P

And yeah, traps don't give game over H-scenes because they can't drop you to 0 HP; we did this as a design choice too to prevent players from dying to them if they touch you even for a frame at low HP, compared to everything else where you have viable counterplay/ways to prevent damage if caught, etc.

We're glad you enjoyed the game in general though; thanks for the review and rating both! :D

good game, but can you have an option to turn OFF voice acting?

hentaiwriter responds:

Yep, if you press ESC and go to audio options, you can mute male voice acting, female voice acting, or all voice acting! You can also control the volume levels too :)

Really enjoyed the game so far. The whole atmosphere around it made it really enjoyable. Only experienced one minor bug so far (i entered the room to the far left in the factory and the game froze, however it was easily fixed again once i reentered the room. The only thing that makes me kinda sad is that i cant seem to find the second fragment. i found the first one in the ??? room. Can you give me a hint to where i can find the second before i close the factory? Much appreciated.

hentaiwriter responds:

Yeah, sometimes browsers freeze up on loading stuff; it's not present in the downloadable version, but sorry that happened to you!

For the second fragment, that's at the bottom of P4M2 :) glad to hear you liked the game, thanks for the review and rating!