Reviews for "DungeonUp"

Nice little game, although a litte unbalanced. I reached a point where I didn't have enough health to beat the enemies I needed to and not enough keys to reach areas in previous floors where I could access powerups. As there's no character levelling at all, the only reason beyond progress to beat enemies i for gold. Which is almost exclusively consumed by a greedy statue, which demands upwards of 200 coins for a measly 150 health after using it a few times. Even after pouring all my money into heath, I still had no hope of progress. I also felt I leanred nothing that would help me get further next time.

Adding some skill element to the combat (it's basically a numbers game at present) could improve things a little. Overall worth playing though.

Not bad but why have a timer for yellow keys on casual? How about having unlimited yellow keys (or no yellow doors)? The timer is tedious and will push players to quit because of the boring waiting, it's not a real penalty.

Death penalty may also be too harsh, you don't want to use your soul stones because they are basically money but if you die, it's straight back to the beginning. I know that's intentional but I find it too punishing.

Oh and why would you not want to skip battles? pressing space is not much but the point is, why have to do it in the first place?

Very nice game, but I agree with the others, you're losing sales (mine at least) by asking 10$ for this. 5$ might do it, I dunno.


Fun game, but you got tempted to make this a demo instead of a regular flash game. This game really is not worth purchasing, however it is very fun.

I love the game. But one problem. How do you get soul stones or whatever they are called?