Reviews for "DungeonUp"

I come here to play games, not to buy them. It's random and relies too much on luck.

I feel cheated that I can't use mattocks to steal from the merchants. I can remove the walls, but I can't pick up the items. I even lost the mattocks for what I thought was an ingenious plan.

Brilliant and/but Painstakingly difficult. Good work!

loved the game, really did, kinda hard and hate that there are none "checkpoints", i know that's what you meant, keep up the good work.
btw, i think the medals are bugged or something....?
didnt got a single one, even tho the game aknowledged the fact that i earned it, anyone having the same issue??

The game is awesome, but is truly unbeatable except on easy, there just are not nearly enough yellow keys to go around, even for taking the shortest, most optimal paths on every level. I have tried 10 times and cannot get past level -41. Please rebalance the key issue and this will be an amazing game.

Beat the vampire and then hit level 29 only to realize there is no way to possibly continue. We went from tiny dmg taken to each creature now doing 360 or 500 minimum and the Troll and Lizard warriors which would hit more than my life. The shortest route would be 3 creatures that would deal 1300 to me. I felt like I had been doing pretty darn well up to this point but now I cannot feasibly continue with the str and def I have with no real way to get better without dying.

Still great over all