Reviews for "DungeonUp"

Not a bad game by any means, but you're close to crazy for asking $10 for this. The game itself is nothing too crazy, it's more or less a Roguelike clone but a few extra little changes, but the biggest problems lie in your key system. I ran out of yellow keys, forcing me to restart. I played again, being more conservative, but ended up running out of yellow keys once again. You need to work on making sure each map generates enough keys for all of the doors, or provide a way for players to gain more keys to avoid this situation.

This is an instant fav on NG for me, and its not even done yet! Keep up the good work! (P.S: Maybe add like an XP system for fighting enemy's, and when you fill you XP bar you get 3 gems to spend on attack and Defense? )

This game is pretty good, I had a lot of fun, really like the combat and stat building, but what's up with the keys?

I ran out of yellow keys, was unable to proceed and I had to restart all of my progress, because i was playing <normal mode>. At first, I thought I may have used up too many keys to pick up upgrades, but as I started a new game, and because it's randomly generated, it got even worse, with even more yellow locks and fewer yellow keys. This makes progress impossible for non-casual mode. How can I proceed to the next floor like this?

Great game... but I too would have liked a full run-through to convince me to buy.
And the medals don't work

15 years waiting to play to another game similar to tower of the sorcerer (a shitty buy addicting game from 90's). 15 long years. I love you man