Reviews for "DungeonUp"

This game is not very lag , it's ULTRA lag , and the error problem became awful . I don't know it's my computer's fault , or the new-update made it more lag , or just because I lived in Taiwan , in Asia , the opposite side of America . I , I don't know .

It stops working , pauses , AT ANYTIME , especially in map-editor , I must wait AT LEAST 10 seconds before it continues . These days , I must wait more than 15~20 .

And the error occurred more often . I like to use the upgrade-event in my map , and set the life property WITH NEGATIVE NUMBER , sometimes it works normally , the hero touches the event , "UGH" , life become 0 , game over ;
sometimes the hero touches the event , "UGHGHGHGH UGHGHGHGH..........." , "Oops some error occurred ... can you ... so we can fix it ?" , the buttons doesn't work , only thing I can do is refresh .

That's one of the problems , this is another one , I confirmed the e-mail , few minutes , some ERRORS LIKE THAT occurred , so I refresh it , then , I NEED TO CONFIRM IT AGAIN .

These are SOME of the problems I SUFFERED , if the Westerners (I'm Taiwanese , I mentioned .) not have these problem , that might be my computer's fault ; but if the other players have these problems , hope the game author can fix THESE .

Pretty good game, took me a 2nd playthrough on medium as hard was too hard 2nd area onward. I found that skipping upgrade untill the 2nd altar was the ideal way to beat the 2nd area and for the 3rd area nails hard, but interesting as it takes a level skip and some strategy for me to reach the 3rd altar for more upgrade and ninjaing the 3rd sword and armor upgrade then I just want rambo on the monsters around the 3rd area for money and upgrade jewels.

At lvl -29, ennemies are too strong. I've never bought health, but armor or damages, and with my good stats the weakest ennemys after this level takes 184pts of my health. And it's impossible to get items that cost more than 3 souls.
You should recalculate monsters after this level, because I'm on casual difficulty and it becomes impossible at lvl -29 and after...

$5 I would have bought. Trackmania is at $5 on maniaplanet, why making at $10 ?

Very interesting game as I like.

Pretty good game. Question: What does the skull for enemy stats mean? I can't access the tutorial for it again for some reason.

Quite the interesting game. The gameplay features in itself are well-placed.