Reviews for "DungeonUp"

yo I love this game.plese make a part 2 of this. Its so fun. Keep it up man.

This was awesome! Still having fun with it. Have you ever thought of making an app version of this?

indiest responds:

Yes there will be a mobile version :)

Roguelike games are random, that's the point. It's not the type of a game that you play just once and you're done. You're supposed to play it a lot, and unlock stuff leading to getting better at it. This game is so far the best roguelike game on newgrounds. It's creative, simple and cute in a way.

indiest responds:

I would say The Binding of Isaac is the best roguelike game on newgrounds but thanks I appreciate your words!

Entertaining and challenging. I'll skip past the issues that everyone else has already brought up, with a single exception...

Perhaps you should ~tag~ this as a Demo and/or present a popup at the beginning of the game, instead of simply writing it in the Author Comments section (... which people will generally read after they've hit the glass wall, and are asked to buy it).

I might also point out that I consider Newgrounds as a place for struggling artists to make their work seen - but not neccessarily to sell them. Certainly - post whatever you like, but I visit NG largely to experience and critique... and not to buy. Being asked to, or having content restricted to paying players only is a bit of a turn-off, and may hurt you in the long run.

My advice: Work a little on the presentation, and kickstart this baby at Steam.com . That way, there's no tease. People will pay, and at the same time they will understand what they're getting. The rest of us want to be free.

I was repeatedly hindered by the random aspect of the game. I played three times, and all three times were stopped by the third level (once because I had to use the blue key to move past the first level and there were no more blue keys generated before I ran into the next blue door that was blocking the stairs up. The other two times, game ended because it randomly generated spiders and elementals but nothing to increase my attack or defense).