Reviews for "DungeonUp"

This game at first glance looks nice and fun to play but he suffers some pretty daunting flaws that prevented me from enjoying it and/or getting very far.

-There is a game breaking bug happening at level -45 (Where the upgrade altar is) where the level is just unreachable. The game act as if you were on the level and yet you remain on level -44, the stairs does nothing because the game thinks you're on level 45, you can go through walls and you're blocked by new invisible walls. Therefore I cant upgrade my hero or heal him. I tried leaving the game but it made me respawn in a black room with no way out. I had to restart my journey. And yet again it happened, like clockwork on level 45. I tried closing the window and restart it but it wouldnt leave me. I had to go to the boss room by bypassing level 45 (By simply walking where the stairs where supposed to be), and after defeating the first boss, use my only soul stone to die and then respawn for the bug to finally fix itself. Unfortunately it meant my previous efforts on the floors after the boss had been wiped.
-The difficulty curve is insane. Once you deal with the first boss you cant fight anything else but bats on the other floors, and those bats are munching your HP fast. Add the fact that most levels are randomly generated and mean you to usualy go through several ennemies to reach another floor, even though I did my best to avoid fight I ended up dying before getting a hold of neither the iron shield or sword.
-And yes, I am playing on casual mode. I dont know how you are supposed to advance if you dont have a key spawn automatically every minute. If you make a mistake does it means you are trapped forever? So much for a rogue like where you can die not only because the ennemy kills you but of your own negligence. Should you lose all progress just because you clicked where you shouldnt ? I dont think this is reasonable.

It's a damn shame because the game looked a lot of fun, but if this is supposed to be a Demo then I'm not going to buy the final flawed product. And I really enjoyed from the tutorial to the first couple of levels even though I was struggling with that game breaking bug but the difficulty curve and the key did it for me.

I hope you will fix those issues because this game deserve it. On a side note I also hope you will consider publishing the whole game on the site, as half game shouldnt deserve full review/attention/score in my opinion (Yet it didnt push me to rate it that low, I rated it from experience alone)

I ended up enjoying this game, even though I couldn't get past the first level. The tutorial was a chore enough! I was pretty impressed at how detailed this whole thing was. It seemed to really want to take you into a complicated maze. I think there are too many cutscenes at the beginning.

I didn't even know that was a tutorial! It's amazing how big this game is. There's so many enemies going on. Those mud monsters are the most annoying. The songs and music are pretty good too.

love the game but i got stuck on the tutorial..... i accidentaly used a key where i wasn't supposed to and now i have no keys to continue playing. surely there must be a way to continue without restarting?

For your first game on Newgrounds, this is outstanding. The music, graphics and controls are all amazing! I love the Level-Up aspect, too! I was kinda bummed that I had to buy the full version, but then I realized that you had to make money somehow. You've inspired me to keep working on a game I was losing faith in. Thank you.

this needs to get on steam! 5/5 will dungeon again