Reviews for "DungeonUp"

I would recommend playing casual as well. Without the free keys i would have been taped very soon.

The information about the enemy was very useful. both, there attack and the total amount of damage the player would receive if he attacks. It helped me a lot.

The facet that the shrines get stronger is problematical in my eyes. I guess it would be better to keep the bonus-cost ratio the same. Because the enemies at higher stages loot more gold, the player can buy more bonuses at the shrines.

The treasure-chambers didn't make any sense for me. The demo wasn't long enough for me to buy even one treasure. I had only one pickaxe and the lucky coin i wanted to get costs 10 soul stones. Problematic if the player can only gain 6 stones in the demo.

All in all well made but just a demo, so 4 out of 5

indiest responds:

The Soul Stones are shared across the games, meaning if you have gained 6 stones, start a new game in Story Mode or Maze Mode you'll find yourself beginning with 6 stones already.

I was playing normal mode at first, but I highly recommend everyone play casual mode unless you want to go for a high score or something.

It's not a good rougelike game. The random generation sucks and you struggle to even get past each zone. It's very luck based and when a monster or item is in the wrong place, it's basically ended, if not seriously hindered the run. I'm curious if the zones have multiple solutions instead of what I think requires a more like a step by step perfect solution.

The puzzle aspect is interesting, but falls short. You can't solve a puzzle you know nothing about. Even if you know the locations of the doors on the floor you're on, being conservative doesn't pay off as well as you hope. I ended up using all available keys and was trapped without even knowing. I was expecting some kind of message or a random merchant to make a deal with me.

It does pay off to save your money for later shrines, but I didn't know whether to get attack or defense boosts. I mainly focused on defense as once it's higher that an opponent's attack, you're immune to damage, but I bet attack is just as important. The data on monsters isn't useful at all. It would be better to just tell us the damage dealt and the damage taken.

Make it for android/iphone. I'd be willing to pay to have this on my phone, but it can't quite compete with other for-pay desktop games.

Fun and solid game. The trick to the game is simple: do the math before you start moving on the level. Also, much of it is backtracking after powering up a bit. For example, once your defense makes you take zero damage, go back and collect money by killing weak monsters. While I'm on the topic of powering up, don't buy upgrades till the second altar (at least). It's much easier to wait before buying so that better upgrades are cheap. Final hint, watch for hidden passages on the walls.

Challenging and fun, but medals are not working, man