Reviews for "DungeonUp"

This was a surprisingly fun and addictive game. As something of a rogue-like purist, I was worried about the "Rogue-like + Puzzle" description. However, I feel it pulled it off quite successfully. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I will make a point to bookmark this page so that the next time I have the extra cash to do so I can remember to buy this game.

As it is, I feel the game is VERY nearly perfect, but only with a couple of minor flaws that I feel could be easily corrected. First and foremost, I would really love to see a one-step undo button, which will undo the very last step you took. I feel this would benefit everyone, as it is easy to accidentally spend a key or get into a fight that you didn't mean to start with a very minor misclick or press. This can take a well-to-do play through and turn it into a rage quit in as short a time as it takes to accidentally attack an "infinite" monster and lose over half your health before you realize what just happened.

Secondly, I feel there should be some clue as to the nature of each boss. I very nearly died to the third boss by not being able to factor in the fact that the other creatures in the room get to attack first. If I hadn't had the foresight to scum up my attack to 150+ to one-shot the lizardmen, I would have been killed right there. Perhaps the Elder of each level could clue you in to the way the boss fights. The first Elder could suggest you bring a bomb, "just in case" you get surrounded. The second could refer to the 2nd boss as "an unholy monstrosity," or something like that. The third could tell you the Dwarf Captain's leadership is making the monsters under his command more agile. Make the clues more subtle as you progress, but there for a keen observer to pick-up on.

Third, I don't understand the value of the crystal ball. Even if you aren't sure if it is worth spending an extra key to get an upgrade now, you can easily take the safe road and open the way to the stairs in order to take a peek. I guess it works okay in conjunction with the floor skipping scroll, but if someone is actually considering using one of those they probably are stuck, meaning exactly what is on the next floor isn't all that important to them since whatever is up there can't be any worse than being stuck as they are. It really seems to be a widget item; fun to play with but has no purpose. Perhaps it can be changed to function as the one-step undo I mentioned? Or perhaps as an upgrade to that feature?

indiest responds:

I'm glad you like it! I'm adding the "undo" feature into the next version.
There is hint for each boss battle, and you'll find out if you have talked to all NPCs. For example one of the Elder told you not to "confront the Dwarf Captain directly". The solution is not obvious but I think you can eventually figure it out :)
The Crystal Ball is just a fun item. Actually it's a bit useful when you only have 1 key left and are not sure if you should use the key to open the last door to the upstairs. If there happens to be a key nears the stairs (in the vision of the ball), then you can move on. Otherwise you have to find an extra key to open the door upstairs.

nice game .... not obtain school out's medals :/ ... :(

This game reminds me of Tower of the Sorcerer. Monsters, status system, items, the Altar, yellow/blue keys... Maybe it's the game who inspired this one? It's very likely you played TotS before, or a similar one. You should say that, otherwise people that know TotS may think you just copying an older and fairly unknown game (I am not implying that. Consider a suggestion ok?)

Also, not a roguelike. The combat mechanics itself disqualifies. But since it's funny to remember the old times, i give it a 3.5

indiest responds:

You are totally right this game is heavily inspired by TotS, a game I loved since my childhood. I wrote something about the link between DungeonUp and TotS. You can find it here:

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll add it to the comments.

Actually a pretty good game. People would have paid real money for this and spent hours every day playing this back in the day as they say. Good Game.

Overall GJ, had fun :)
Maybe I was unlucky but I didn't manage to go far on on normal & hard, so I ended up playing casual. (I concentrated 1st on getting anything that could make me stronger, then went back to attack the enemies once they had become 0 damage... but I would always end up waiting for a key to appear :p )

There's a few details that could be improved :
- Option to skip conversations: on 2nd try it's a bit tedious to need to go through them again or remove them totally on 2nd time and add the option to turn them on. (FYI: I have noticed + used the 'skip intro')

- Undo? ...unless it's part of your concept to easily open a door by mistake.
Like just now, I clicked thinking I was out of focus and it made my char advance ...and lost a blue key.

- Put mouse & keyboard mode as options to choose from. I wish I could turn off clicking for moving, I wouldn't have lost that above key :p

- "We can have 3 slots" Of the same story? If so, it didn't work for me, it kept overwriting the same slot. I would have liked to save several slots of 1 same game-story so I could go back and try different routes.

- Confirmation before 'restart' that it'll restart from 0 AND delete all progress. Choosing 'New game' erased my old game.

- NG badges don't work. BTW, looks like nobody got any.

Maze mode seems a bit too much luck based or I'm either really bad at this or I got an unlucky one: I had virtually no way to 'gain' +1 yellow key.
Not sure I like the idea of 1x a day free maze... This is the kind of game I would restart several times until I get one with a good start.

indiest responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback! I'll add "undo" and "lock mouse movement" in the next version.

"Have 3 save slots" means in all modes you can have 3 at maximum. In the Story Mode you can only have 1(I'm thinking of removing the restriction), but in the Player Maps, you can have as many save games as you want.

I have tested Medals locally and they worked for me, but in this page they are displayed as "untested" and I don't know how to make them work properly...