Reviews for "DungeonUp"

I enjoyed this a lot, but I agree with previous reviewers that it is a bit pricey.
It is very similar to a game I remember playing years ago called Tower of the Sorcerer.

Great game. Long time roguelike player, for about 15 years now, so I know a good one when I see it. Too bad it's $10 - would buy if it was $5, but I can't justify paying $10 when I can get 15 games on Steam for the same price.

AWESOME GAME!!!reminds me a lot of runescape but with puzzles which is so cool. Really made me mad when I got to fourth stage and game ended saying it was a demo.. it was just getting good.
THIS GAME IS NOT WORTH 10$ WHICH IS WHY I RATED IT A ZERO. if it was free, or maybe 99 cents, it would have gotten a flawless score.

This game IS very well balanced. If you don't think so it is because you are doing things wrong. You dont have to open every door or kill an enemy right away, sometimes just pass enemies and come back to kill them when you take no damage from them.

Also, just buy 1 upgrade from the altars, because at higher levels, the upgrades are more meaningfull, costing the same (2 atk upgrade if you use the altar at lvl 45 costs the same as 8 atk upgrade at lvl 25).

ITS ALL ABOUT SAVING HEALTH AND GOING FOR THE BEST PATH THAN BERSERKING ON ALL MONSTERS. If you can't do that, you will never suceed in this game.

Very well constructed, just wish it wasn't DEMO. See the example of SUPER MARIO CROSSOVER: it is free and asks for your kind donation. So far, it has received much more money than it would if it was not free. Five 2$ donation are easier to get than one 10$ sale :)

Are you sure the medals are unlocking? I have completed the tutorial several times and no medal as of yet. But that's okay, as the game itself is really good! I like the presentation, and it has enough roguelike aspects to make it really engaging and random. I think it is a solid game, just keep at it with those updates.