Reviews for "Pixelo"

Very fun logic puzzle game, but is there any way to mute the music or sounds completely? I can only ever get them down to one notch on the volume, but can't turn them OFF.

tamaii responds:

you can do that. If you can't do on option menu. While you are playing on pause menu, there is mute option. Thanks :)

I believe High Hill (land feature) should be High Heel (shoe)

tamaii responds:

I feel shame with my English. Thanks :)

Great game and layout, but it's nearly unplayable due to the lag I get when making any sort of inputs. The only time when playing that this did not happen was with the puppy in the tutorial.

tamaii responds:

could you tell me your system?
someone tells me that Firefox browser made it laggy.
Are you useing FireFox?

you only get a 3.5 because i see a bug in the easy area. In cocktail, there is a 6 in the picture, in the lowest part. can you fix that to a 5? The puzzle won't finish because of it.

tamaii responds:

There is no bug when i play again now.
Can you send me your screenshot?

This game is freaking addictive. Good job with this game.
I can't believe how many puzzles there are.

As others said, the tutorial was making no sense.
Perhaps you can fix that.

But overall, great game!

tamaii responds:

Yes, people told me that tutorial is useless.... :(
I'll re-design it soon.