Reviews for "Pixelo"

whew. after like weeks of playing, i finally finished all the levels.

that being said, my main qualm with this game is that lots of the medals don't work. i've finished every level, many more than once, and i'm still missing several medals from completing levels. I got the badges for the achievements, but not the medals.

i liked the personalization options, even though i chose not to use many of them. i think it was a good idea to add, and the game overall looks very clean.

i think the badges were priced well. none of them were ludicrously expensive, and the only ones that were really expensive were worth it (case in point: Pray to Pixelo God).

i found playing with the mouse annoying, but i'm playing on a laptop, and my trackpad probably influenced that opinion. i missed the 'switch' button a lot, and failed lots of pixels because i didn't realize it in time.

the stats page seems to work well, and is a nice addition. it's nice to see how many times i fucked up >.>

9.5/10, man. i LOVE picross puzzles, and i've played about every single picross game i've found. this one kept me entertained ENTIRELY too long, and that's definitely a good thing.

tl;dr: fix the broken medals and daily puzzle, and you'll be set. everything else was awesome!

I love this game - I'm fan of picross puzzles, so I had a lot of fun. I loved the interface - moving and setting pixels by keyboard was brilliant idea (most picross games move only by mouse).

I've beaten all levels on perfect and I'm quite dissapointed. No badge/achievment for this :(? I don't have anything else to play so to get higher lvl (I ended up with 70) I should repeat the ones already completed? Didnt like this either.

Most levels are possible to solve without guessing pixels (I had to shoot blindly just few times). I wish the daily puzzles was enabled. Now that I completed whole game I probably wont come back here too often.

Good job and thanks for this game :)

Loved the game, spent hours clicking away and challenging my deduction skills. Halfway through the Normal puzzle set, the game suddenly decided I don't need any progress and reset itself to the beginning.

Well, I'm not playing it all the way through again. Other than this horrendous issue, I loved it.

Another victim of save wipes.

I wish I could play it if there was a play button there.