Reviews for "Pixelo"

I love this game - I'm fan of picross puzzles, so I had a lot of fun. I loved the interface - moving and setting pixels by keyboard was brilliant idea (most picross games move only by mouse).

I've beaten all levels on perfect and I'm quite dissapointed. No badge/achievment for this :(? I don't have anything else to play so to get higher lvl (I ended up with 70) I should repeat the ones already completed? Didnt like this either.

Most levels are possible to solve without guessing pixels (I had to shoot blindly just few times). I wish the daily puzzles was enabled. Now that I completed whole game I probably wont come back here too often.

Good job and thanks for this game :)

Loved the game, spent hours clicking away and challenging my deduction skills. Halfway through the Normal puzzle set, the game suddenly decided I don't need any progress and reset itself to the beginning.

Well, I'm not playing it all the way through again. Other than this horrendous issue, I loved it.

Another victim of save wipes.

I wish I could play it if there was a play button there.

Would have been a 5 star but I lost all of my progress and that just bummed me out completely. Otherwise a great game and it helped me learn how to play Picross.