Reviews for "Pixelo"

This is very well made indeed. Completed lines and columns get greyed out as they should, the music is very soothing and it has medals and a high score board. What else do you want?
Very great job :)
It's game, set, match, Pixelo !


tamaii responds:

thank you~! enjoy it~!

this looks like pixel lord or team fortress2.

This is an amazing timekiller game! Thanks alot!

Good attempt at making picross on Flash. Programming and game is well executed.
But the tutorial is awful and doesn't really teach. I had to figure out stuff myself.

tamaii responds:

I guess you are right.
I'll re-design tutorial. Thank you!

This is sooooooo HARD!

For example how are we supposed to know in what way we have to draw the mountains!
And that's on EASY mode!