Reviews for "Pixelo"

Excellent little game, very intelligent and brain teasing, it's a good exercise for cognition.

I didn't like the lounge music played throughout the game too much at first, but it eventually grew on me, and the graphics are also pretty polished, with good looking menus, play fields and all other stuff.

I really like this kind of puzzle gameplay, in which you can discover the solution deductively, rather than through trial and error. Another cool thing is that this concept presents some pretty simple, yet cool mathematical properties, including the fact that for each setup of numbers around the board, there exists a single picture (or none) that correspond to that setup. The first stages are ridiculously easy, but after them, the difficulty scales up almost perfectly.

I like how the player's progress is measured in an RPG fashion, with "level ups" being granted after a certain amount of EXP is gathered. There are also the "super power badges", which add a "boost" to EXP and gold, and I love how the looks of the game are highly customizable with unlockable themes and features which are made available by clearing stages, then bought.

To sum it up, this is a pretty complete little puzzle game, and it plays pretty nicely too.

tamaii responds:

wow... you exactly pointed out my game concept.
Yes, i wanted to implement RPG element as you said.
really nice review for me. Thank you for playing!

These kinds of games always give me a headache. I like the Sudoku inspiration here but it's a little daunting having over 500 levels. Judging by the medals and what I've seen from the puzzles, beating all of them is not terribly important; they just add variety and play time to this game. It would be totally possible for this game to choose levels randomly - this would also eliminate the problem with players just guessing and redoing levels.

The exp and money system is also stupid. This is a puzzle game, I don't want to manage currency that barely does anything except change the game's visuals.

One thing I considered that would have been really cool is if there was a grid of several 10x10 puzzles arranged to make a larger, less pixelated puzzle. You could solve a big pixelated part, then solve individual sections in-depth to reveal a very clear image. You could also probably find a way to do this with colors; there's no reason to stop with half-baked pixel art.

Overall fun but way too long. Plus, players that are really good should be able to delve into Normal and Hard difficulty levels sooner.

tamaii responds:

Your idea is really great! I'll think about it.
And also i got your point. I guess i should think about normal and hard puzzle unlock scheme.
Thank you for playing

all my saved data is gone D: (I don't cleared my cache)

tamaii responds:

I sent a message to the staff of NG about your problem.
I'm really sorry for that.
When i find out the problem. i'll tell you.

All right, it seems pretty good for a Flash picross game, but why is there a 5 second wait after making every single mark?

I can't even play. :/

tamaii responds:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
I fixed it. just few second ago. I updated.

If you have a same problem.
plz, turn on the sound in option menu. that will work.
Thank you again~!