Reviews for "Pixelo"

Fun enough, but the easier levels are so tedious. Why make us go through them to unlock the harder ones?

Really enjoy Picross puzzles, so you have no idea how happy I am to find this on NG. Even better that this has some sort of progression system with xp, which I've yet to find in other picross games on mobile. Could wish for some more color and user submitted puzzles and stuff like that. I was going to say I'd like X marked tiles to not be filled when clicking them, but it seems from the description like this is something I can unlock somehow.

Only thing missing would be an external save option; I think I'm cleaning up cookies and end up losing my save files :/

Daily puzzle is currently failing to download :[

I love picross and this game should keep me occupied for the next few months, considering how many puzzles there are. Thanks for making this game!