Reviews for "Pixelo"

Finally this kind of Game released again! It's my favorite Puzzle Game and there are so many levels! I don't know why but I try to make every level without an error. And the Badges were a nice idea to keep the motivation up!

I can't even get past the 'Enter your name!' screen (latest Google Chrome, running Windows 7). Is this a known bug?

Ok game, I suppose. Nothing really original here. I wish I could access more difficult levels later, though. It's pretty agitating to trudge through all the easy levels first. And the click delay? That's just horrid. The lag makes it nearly unplayable

This is a game, with regular controls, but you can hear the music during some/all of the gameplay. Since it has puzzles, it is obviously a puzzle game, and what's so unusual about this cannot be said with such certainty until you play the game yourself. I give my review a 10/10.

Love this game. My favorite type of puzzle. I also like that there are so many puzzles, but I kinda wish that you can do the higher difficulties from the get go.

@purplecowadoom, actually, these puzzles are nonograms, named after their inventor, after a couple of years, Nintendo took the puzzles and released as a game, renaming it Picross. If Nintendo can take puzzles and rename it, so can this developer. I'm sure there are also copyright issues if Picross was used.

tamaii responds:

The fastest way is 1. solve 2page 13th puzzle - church -> you'll get architect badge -> buy & wear (if you don't have enough money -> you can click my face book & blog for 10000G) 2. wear that badge and play it. solve the last easy level puzzle. you can get normal key. :)

Sorry for that. I think this unlock system is this game's unique feature.
Even I want to change that it changes every scheme that I plan.

Ah~ also good information for me. I've never heard about nonogram.
Copyright is not a problem about this puzzle logic. But the puzzle answer picture would be problem
So I made it by myself. :) Thank you for your review.