Reviews for "Pixelo"

thats a awsome concept!
relaxing ambiente and a good logic game
you made it awsome
good job!

tamaii responds:

Thank you~!

Hey, this is actually pretty cool! It has some flaws, but you did a great job in making a flash picross game. The first thing is the tutorial. I'm sure people have already said this, but it doesn't really tell you how to picross. I knew what's going on right from the get-go, so it wasn't too much of a problem for me, but I can see some people who don't having trouble at first. Another thing is that you have to unlock just about everything, and how you do it. I still don't have all the options or the daily puzzle unlocked, and I'm at level 36, for christ sake. Another thing related to that is the fact you have to unlock harder puzzles. I've solved I don't even know how many 10x10 puzzles and I'd like to do some harder ones, so I'd appreciate if you gave the option to either stick to Easy puzzles or just go straight to Normal or Hard ones. Other than that though, everything's done like it should be! Good job!

tamaii responds:

thank you very much for playing and feedback.
I guess I have to re-think about tutorial.
unlock system is this game's main feature as you know.
I understood your point. Easy puzzles could be boring for guys like you.
I'll re-design those system.
Thank you~!

I generally like these types of games and I expect I would like this one as well if I were able to actually play it. Unfortunately, I can't get past the "CLEAR!" message at the end of the tutorial. The game hangs up there and won't let me clear the message so I can select the next level.

tamaii responds:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
I fixed it. just few second ago. I updated.

If you have a same problem.
plz, turn on the sound in option menu. that will work.
Thank you again~!

Amazing and addictive! I love it!
My only concern is to make the medal bonuses a bit more clear. I mean, the zookeeper one is clear enough, but "Get junk, +300% gold" is not. I honestly haven't worked that one out yet. :(
In trying to have something worthwhile to say in this review, I decided to be a bit pedantic, so here goes: You should rename the levels "Man symbol" and "woman symbol" to "male symbol" and "female symbol" respectively (Or "Ares' shield and spear" and "Aphrodite's mirror" which is what I believe those symbolise). The reason for this is: man/woman are genders and genders exist in humans only. Those symbols however are used to signify males/females in all species, so technically they can't be referred to by gender names.
Finally, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice some of the pixel art would come out! Good work! keep it up! :D

tamaii responds:

Thank you, Thank you for your feedback.
I didn't know about that symbol. I'll fix it right away.
about +300% Gold badge, It is like gamble. As you know +300% is huge, but badge price is very cheep
If you know every junk where it is, you can make a fortune easily. Then, the other badges are useless.
So, for Safe way use +% normal badge, you want bet use +300% guess it by name

This is a fun little relaxing game. Only problem I have with it is that sometimes it's difficult to know exactly what I am supposed to draw, but considering that we have generous time allowances, it's able to work.