Reviews for "Pixelo"

Admittedly, I've played it for an hour or so, but it was rather because I like Nonograms. However, your implementation was good in some details (like being able to fast-forward the score evaluation, or the idea with the badges), but you've made some really bad decisions:
- The ease of use should not be something the player has to earn. Jumping from one end to the other has to be earned. Not having to tap for every single pixel move has to be earned. Being able to move faster has to be earned, although this is a puzzle game. The object of the game is the puzzle, and not navigating through the pixels.
- I don't even know when I'm able to play the "Normal" stage. Nonograms are puzzles I'm used to solve, and having to go through every "Easy" level is a tedious and boring pastime to me. I want challenging puzzles, and I don't want to work through every unchallenging level. Additionally, just for the easy stage there are 10 full pages of 15 levels each. This is just ridiculous. I know that I don't have to solve all of them to get to the "Normal" stage, but whatever your requirement is, it is still far too much. Locking levels in each stage is a good idea, but locking whole stages is just silly - especially for an implementation of a very well known puzzle game.

This is fun despite not really knowing how to play, and that's because the tutorial doesn't explain anything. Still can't give this a bad score as the puzzles are fun, the music is relaxing and it looks nice, I would appreciate a better tutorial though.

While entertaining - most Picross games are - this game's use of unlocks, badges, prizes, and even unlockable *options menus* made things vastly too slow and complicated. I would much rather play ten very difficult puzzles than the two hundred easy puzzles which precede them. At least make Normal and Hard modes unlocked to start!

However, the convoluted unlock system aside, the game has solid puzzles and I appreciated the implementation of mouse and keyboard control on a Picross game.

[Mostly writing as a bug report]

Beer is misspelled as Bear. AND...it has a point at which guessing is necessary which is bad for this kind of puzzle.

annyeong haseo! I enjoyed playing this :)