Reviews for "Pixelo"

I have to say, I really enjoyed this game. It's nothing new, but certainly fun, and well polished. Badges, exp, money? Great RPG element to keep the game interesting. The music is nice, fairly relaxing. The presentation is good, crisp and clean. I'd prefer that there was a way to prevent using the 'pencil' when a square is x'd out (I use the x's for telling me which ones NOT to use, can't remember if that's the purpose, or if it is the opposite).

A user below mentioned having trouble with the formula. Do a google search for 'picross strategy' and there is a good gamefaq on it.

Thanks for this fun thinking game!

I don't get why people are enjoying this so much. I'm not trying to be mean, I just don't get how people are understanding how this game works. I'm utterly confused. Despite there being a tutorial, it explains absolutely nothing to you. It's implied that there's supposed to be some kind of complex mathematical strategy on how to figure out where to go, but the tutorial never actually explains what it is- it just makes you go through the motions. I had no idea what I was even supposed to make, until I caught on after a level or two that the name of what you're supposed to make is in the level title. However it's still very hard to tell how to make them. I mean, for "key," that could be facing any way, and even the capital A is not formed correctly. Logically and even based on common sense, I thought it would have perfectly matched what the capital A font in the game looks like, but it didn't. It would be different if you were shown a picture of the item to make BEFORE you go into it and then replicate that (a bigger board would be required to keep the game from being too easy), but you're not. You are lost and have to guess. The way I see it is- you play a level blindly, choose recklessly where to put things, and then once you have figured out where things go, you play AGAIN to get a better score/beat it. You're referring to this game as a "simple logic game," but where's the logic? I see none, other than you're given a very vague idea of what you're supposed to make by being told what it is. Now this sounds simple. Like who wouldn't know what a capital A looks like or a cell phone, right? Some of these are fair, but some of these are ridiculous. What it comes down to is personal interpretation. I mean, there's so many different ways a person could draw a key, and so many angles it could be at. It could be facing left, right, top, bottom, diagonal in either direction. At other times, I just don't think the placement of the blocks if right. The middle line in the capital A should be up one higher, and the top bar on the headphones should also be placed higher, just as examples. But there are some things that I just have no idea how to form. The key never made sense to me. It doesn't even look like a key. And the note? What the heck is that? It looks like some kind of obscure animal, maybe a swan. So I ask again, what logic? This game is . . . completely luck based. There needs to be actual strategy involved, a way to figure out where to go, especially when the pictures aren't accurately depicting the object.

good, gooooood

Meh. The same exact kind of run-length-code based game as armor logic 2 again. Who cares about a redundant game. It has no purpose for existing. And what the HELL is with the sheer QUANTITY of levels? Do you think that's going to make up for QUALITY? And you have to solve SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MANY easy levels before you can unlock the "medium" and even see what ONE of them looks like! I count 15 levels per screen and 11 pages. But the last page is missing 4 so it only contains 11. That's 161 levels. On the EASY level. Before one single "normal" is unlocked? I'm not going to directly say that it's less exciting than watching someone drool, but I would just as soon watch the movie Napoleon Dynamite all the way through and then count the total face value of a large stamp collection.

Also you should rename "flower" in "easy" as "anchor" because that's what it looks like, not a flower.

The game is good, daily puzzles don't work but btw you guy made a mistake on one of the picture names. its volleyball not valleyball