Reviews for "Cavern"

as many are, i am stuck on #7. I have seen people bring up tiled being stuck when spun. Are the tiles supposed to spin? or do they mean when you swap between two?
over all its a very challenging game and i had enjoyed solving the puzzles up until this point, i am thoroughly confused as to what I have to do .

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

We've updated the game so that it doesn't spin anymore. But you should be aiming to make a tesselating pattern. Thanks!

A very strange game, but generally very good. I wasn't entirely sure what was up with the beginning point and click style play but for atmospheric effect - there were a few things resembling puzzles in there, but in general, it seemed like a bit of an unnecessarily slow start to the game. Still, the graphics were gorgeous and the sound effects convey a wonderful tone, so no real complaints here. I will admit to a lot of trial and error regarding some of the initial puzzles, but once I got my footing I really enjoyed it. Medal 8 was wicked tough, but I felt so ridiculously pleased with myself once I solved it! All in all, a really good job!

I regret to inform you, however, that Medal 7 is still broken (as you can see from the fact that I have all the others.) No points off for that because you're actively working on fixing it, but I thought you might want to know.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I think you got the jist of what was meant to happen in the beginning. Well, it was originally meant to be less linear with a few branches but we dropped it eventually.

Medal 7 should be working now. If you want I can pass you a screenshot so that you don't have to kill too much time redoing it.

good [puzzle game... some of them drove me mad for a bit but still beat them all :)

So I hate to be another one of those people... but I'm stuck for reasons beyond anything I can help. I'm colorblind and am completely unable to see what those lines are doing in Puzzle 8. (7 was a breeze, incidentally) But if I can't see what my moves are doing... I can't very well finish the puzzle. Heck, I can't even start the thing until I know what logic on which number 8 operates. Perhaps revisit it with the same higher-contrast graphical touches as in previous puzzles.

So far: Quite nice, though the rotational things are a non-issue and could well be made into proper puzzles to fit the rest of the sequence. ...And I can't bloody see what's happening in number 8. :(

I liked this puzzle game. The artwork was beautiful and you have to hand it to the person that made those puzzles was a genius, i struggled for a good half hour on this game, just what a real puzzle game should be. To boost it up to top marks id consider a more rewarding ending but it does look like it might be underway for a sequel.