Reviews for "Cavern"

I personally love this game, the animation and ambiance are amazing and coupled with the music creates an atmosphere of isolation and somewhat dark mystery. The puzzles are uniquely challenging and quite fun, i sadly cannot for the life of me seem to figure out number seven and I probably will continue to struggle for the next hour or so. (I'm not one to easily give up) I agree with the creator in the fact that walkthroughs are a privilege not a right and those of you who demand it don't really deserve it. I applaud you TurkeyonAStick you've made a wonderful game.

Some really challenging puzzles here. Despite finishing the game, I never got the medal for puzzle 7. Overall, really enjoyable! Only detractor was that the "music" was more of a distraction than anything.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I think the #7 medal code works now! :(

Number 7 is pretty straightforward once you realize that every white tile has to hug other white tiles. So if there's a white tile in the top left box of the tile, you have to make sure the one above it has a tile in the bottom left, and the one to the left has a tile in the top right.

White must touch white, brown must touch brown. Not the easiest puzzle, but fun!

Really good game. Liked the game play, look and sounds. Tough but not impossible. Would have loved to see the cave paintings tie in a little more for some sort of narrative or clue system. Personally wasn't a fan of spinner puzzles a little too basic for what you've created here. Great Job, would love to have had a "GOD" puzzle

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks! I'm kinda wondering if people scroll up when they reach the God mode? Your point about the God puzzle is valid, but I'm just hoping I haven't wasted time on the picture!

The game seemed very straight and simple at start, but it turned up to be quite a nice experience, the puzzles are challenging, but still fun.

By the way, I wonder why do so many people have problems with puzzle #7, I've done it under one minute, however puzzle 8 is the one I am completly stuck on :P.