Reviews for "Cavern"

I never thought I'd say this... When Chuck Norris makes a game, he asks TurkeyOnAStick for help.

nice game :O im blocked in puzzle number 7 :( ... (sorry don't speak english)

Wow, I really have to say I am impressed. At first I was like "yeah, one click to get through okay" but then the logic puzzles started and I was pleasantly surprised. I really love that there aren't any clear instructions for the puzzles, it is all logic and deductive reasoning. Although I have to say I am totally flummoxed with the logic behind #8, but did ultimately get it through trial and error. :c

I only got #7 once I read through the reviews and found out that the pattern tessellates. Once I realized that the edges of the grid connect, it was a lot easier. Like WOW easier.

It's nice having a game that makes you think instead of yet another mindless platformer or something. Not having a walkthrough makes it 1000000000x better. It's good mental exercise to solve problems without one. There is no obtuse escape game logic here. Walthroughs are unnecessary. (I'm just chalking up my failure with #8 to the fact that I am not a numbers person. At all.)

I do agree with Tharos' suggestion of having a tile be highlighted when it is selected. That's pretty much my only complaint.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks, I'm actually pretty glad that you did your research with the reviews!
Yeah, I agree totally with the tile highlighting, and if we weren't working to a deadline I think we would have included it. But it is frustrating, especially on the tile swap puzzles.

That was a really great and challenging game with nice riddles. Keep it up :)
I was so happy when I finally got past level 7... That was the only one which had less logic in it for me. Apart from 5, which I didn't understand and solved by luck. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this one.

If someone is so desperately and hopelessly stuck on 7, they can pm me.


TurkeyOnAStick responds:

:) Yeah, in hindsight, I think 7 could have been presented a bit differently, with a diagonal axis of static tiles instead. It's mostly our hurried attempts to ensure there's only one solution that it is like that.

But yeah, really dig that you enjoy the challenges!

Awesome game, took a while but i got all the medals :)