Reviews for "Cavern"

I personally love this game, the animation and ambiance are amazing and coupled with the music creates an atmosphere of isolation and somewhat dark mystery. The puzzles are uniquely challenging and quite fun, i sadly cannot for the life of me seem to figure out number seven and I probably will continue to struggle for the next hour or so. (I'm not one to easily give up) I agree with the creator in the fact that walkthroughs are a privilege not a right and those of you who demand it don't really deserve it. I applaud you TurkeyonAStick you've made a wonderful game.

Uh oh, looks like the level 7 medal still isn't working.

Level 7 is the hardest by far. I thought I had tried every single combination, but it turned out I missed one somehow, which I then found by keeping in mind the clue that the edges loop around to the other side.

The game could use an indicator that you've clicked a tile by highlighting it. Also, once you've beaten a puzzle and then click it again, it makes you do the whole thing over again. It should either prevent you from redoing a puzzle or just give you the option to exit the puzzle back into the room. Also, the rotating dial puzzles move way too slowly.

Number 7 is pretty straightforward once you realize that every white tile has to hug other white tiles. So if there's a white tile in the top left box of the tile, you have to make sure the one above it has a tile in the bottom left, and the one to the left has a tile in the top right.

White must touch white, brown must touch brown. Not the easiest puzzle, but fun!

really great game put a lot of time and effort into it but like the rest i got stuck with #7. do the tiles on #7 light up green when you get them right? plz respond to my question

half a star for a fake hint on number 7, wtf was that? srsly i really want to know how that was a hint to the repeating pattern?