Reviews for "Cavern"

Some really challenging puzzles here. Despite finishing the game, I never got the medal for puzzle 7. Overall, really enjoyable! Only detractor was that the "music" was more of a distraction than anything.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I think the #7 medal code works now! :(

Really good game. Liked the game play, look and sounds. Tough but not impossible. Would have loved to see the cave paintings tie in a little more for some sort of narrative or clue system. Personally wasn't a fan of spinner puzzles a little too basic for what you've created here. Great Job, would love to have had a "GOD" puzzle

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks! I'm kinda wondering if people scroll up when they reach the God mode? Your point about the God puzzle is valid, but I'm just hoping I haven't wasted time on the picture!

Very interesting game, it took me a lot of time to figure out the real signification of those symbols, but once i did, it still was a real challenge to solve all the problems. Since they are pretty hard to solve, the rewards gets bigger when you succeed.

Nevertheless, maybe you could work on a more dynamic end, since this one is pretty, but too ... passive. Maybe put a text, something that makes us understand what this cavern is about, a funny ending, i don't know ...

I would like to write a walkthrough of this game, do you mind ?

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Yeah, I've no problem with you making a lil walkthrough.

Alright. So alike many others, I made it to puzzle 7.
I'm sure I could beat that too, but it would be more time consuming, and I don't feel up for the task at the moment. I might come back later and finish the game :p

Anyhow, I think the best aspect of the game is not the gameplay, but the art! Good job, TurkeyOnAStick!
Also, the puzzles were entertaining, and slightly somewhat challenging. I don't know about the ones after 7 though, since I haven't played them, at least yet.

I feel like the ambient music was fine at first, but I personally would've enjoyed some kind of egyptian style crypt music, like you often find in similar games/movies (stylistically similar, I mean).

Also, I feel that the programming seems fine too, I didn't really find any flaws.

Good job, and good luck in the contest!

The game seemed very straight and simple at start, but it turned up to be quite a nice experience, the puzzles are challenging, but still fun.

By the way, I wonder why do so many people have problems with puzzle #7, I've done it under one minute, however puzzle 8 is the one I am completly stuck on :P.