Reviews for "Cavern"

Holy crap, I suck at this. I'd give it five stars if I wasn't so angry at myself.

A lot of people seem to be writing reviews out of frustration. I just struggled through the 8th puzzle, got the god medal, and beat the game. Here's my review:

First, the intro part, in which you're just pointlessly clicking is, well, pointless. It added absolutely nothing to the game besides filler.

Second, the rotation puzzles completely took me out of the game. It was refreshing to be presented with actual challenging puzzles and I felt sincerely let down when 2 of 8 puzzles just involved aligning a picture.

Third, I enjoyed the system that you used for the various glyphs. I like a game that makes you think and figuring out how the symbols worked on my own was rewarding.

Puzzle 8 probably needs some sort of hint, like what with you have for puzzle 7. I can see that one upsetting a lot of people.

The environment and tone of this game suggest that there's some sort of interesting underlying story. There is not. Maybe give me a reason as to why I'm solving these puzzles.

All in all, this was a fun way to kill half an hour and I recommend it to friends. There's potentially a much better game that could be made out of this though. Add some story and trim the fat. 6 actual puzzles isn't very much to offer.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

First, yeah. We were hoping the game would have a "From Dusk 'Til Dawn" moment, where the gamestyle changes, but given time it does feel like an endless corridor of doors.

Second, ... I would have liked the dial puzzles to be a bit different, so that the spin on one dial counterspinned another, but SNO and I had a difference of opinion about how difficult that would be, both for the design and for the player.

Third, thanks!

I was hoping there was some story about this empowered demi-god being imprisoned for eatting people, but looking back I think it was never clear in the game, or never put in the players' faces enough. Thanks for the honest review!

The ending was a bit vague, I craved more. However I loved the unique puzzles, and i have been completely enthralled by this game.

Puzzle 7 was actually really easy. Non intuitive? There's an explanation right next to it.

Puzzle 8 is annoying the hell out of me. I can see the rule/exemption, but I can't figure out the pattern. Hopefully I figure it out, I would like to see more of the puzzles. Nice job though.

I like this game...please make more!

I finally got past 7 once i disregarded the idea of symmetry...I took a screenshot before moving on to 8...

************here's a hint for others that are stuck*********...the 8f8u8l8l8y8 8b8l8a8c8k8 8o8n8e8 goes in the bottom left position...the 9f9u9l9l9y9 9w9h9i9t9e9 9o9n9e9 goes across 3 and down one from the top left (the seventh position of 16 if you count across then down)

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Hahaha :)