Reviews for "Cavern"

great game very challenging, excellent atomsphere vaguely reminds me of a creepy pasta i once read

Too bad 7 didn't get me the medal ... (but, yeah, way easier than my wrong solution ^^ !)
Anyway, great game !

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Dammit! Yeah, SNO reprogrammed it from scratch, and the medal code got forgotten!
We're in the process of updating it, but thanks!

EDIT: should work now.

great game, am i a dick for being stuck on no 3??? haha im tired...

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Nah, you're not a dick. As a hint, consider the tiles as numbers, and what's the significance of rows and columns that you make the end tile turn green.

I thought 7 was pretty easy I had more of a problem on puzzles 3,4 and I think I am about to give up on 8 gotta go to bed and I dont see myself figuring it out without a hint..... Great game, good puzzles/

7 was tough. Your hint in the comments about tesselates made me think that it had to have some sort of symmetry. Once I realize it didn't need symmetry, it took me about 1 minute.

Really good game, and while going through the comments looking for hints for 7, I laughed at a lot of the retarded 0 star comments. There should be a way to appeal 0 stars, especially complaining about not being able to play, and then have medals.

Good game, hope to see another one like it!