Reviews for "Cavern"

A really nice game.

Just a few problems i had with it:
-you can solve some puzzles purely by accident leaving a sour taste behind. I still don't know the mechanic behind the "pyramid" puzzle 4, but i can easily solve it.
-puzzle 7 can be frustrating, especially if you can't interpret the hint on the wall. I couldn't so this hint was actually more misleading then anything else, because i constantly searched for some other meaning then the hint that was already given in the description
-the wheel puzzles take to long. either let us spin multiple sections at once or increase the speed at which we are able to press the button

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Yeah, fair enough. I think you're right about the puzzles you mentioned, since #4 doesn't have many combinations. I would have liked #7 to provide more graphical feedback (like #4), but SNO already showed me that the coding was pretty extensive on it, anyway. Thanks for the review.

Not really puzzles just click and get lucky. Been on 8 for an hour and nothing.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Have you seriously been randomly pointing and clicking?
Why are you putting yourself through this when you're not stopping to think about what's the significance of the green and red bars?

Very interesting game, it took me a lot of time to figure out the real signification of those symbols, but once i did, it still was a real challenge to solve all the problems. Since they are pretty hard to solve, the rewards gets bigger when you succeed.

Nevertheless, maybe you could work on a more dynamic end, since this one is pretty, but too ... passive. Maybe put a text, something that makes us understand what this cavern is about, a funny ending, i don't know ...

I would like to write a walkthrough of this game, do you mind ?

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Yeah, I've no problem with you making a lil walkthrough.

Difficult puzzles, but very rewarding if you get them. An actual challenge is a welcome change in a sea of casual-games.

7 took me the longest, but by examining which of the green edges have the fewest matching tiles, and trying to narrow it down from there, I arrived at the solution. Anyone blindly trying stuff is lost, of course, since there are exactly 6 227 020 800 possible configurations to try.

I like puzzle games, especially when they make me think. Yes, they can get frustrating when the solution doesn't come quickly, but that's what a good puzzle game does. They make you think, and think, and think, until you finish it. That's what Cavern did. It made me think, and think, and think, until I almost gave up, but then a solution came, and it made me keep going. The first puzzle went fine, I got a little stuck on the second, I breezed through them up until the eighth puzzle, and then I hit a roadblock. It took a good while for me to figure it out, but when I did, it was immensely satisfying, and relieving, because it meant I get to sleep tonight. Kudos on the brain stimulating game, TurkeyOnAStick and SirNightOwl. You did good, and you've earned these 5 stars.