Reviews for "Cavern"

For how easy the first 6 puzzle were, to all of a sudden be thrown a curve ball with the 7th one makes this game feel really disjointed.

im stuck on 7

I enjoyed the puzzles but the difficulty ramped up almost 90 degrees on the last two. A hint option would be great also maybe a little more delving into the story so the ending isn't as lack luster.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

... your review makes me think that people aren't scrolling up at the end. I mean, where do you think the pic for the final medal comes from?

Puzzle #3 made no sense... Until I solved it and saw what the achievement said. I thought I just had to add all the shapes together to make the image, but you were assigning numbers to the pictures... I was still able to solve the puzzle, but just got confused when only one row had three too many dots, it seemed. Putting in a small legend off in a corner somewhere that says "dot = whatever number" and "circle = whatever number" would certainly make it more intuitive. Maybe that was on the cave paintings that I couldn't go back and study...

Since one can't go backwards (which is especially annoying since you can click ANYWHERE on some screens and go forward... I wanted to go back and look at the cave drawings.)

Why does burning the spider web take two clicks??? You'd think that you'd just set fire to it and it would be gone. Now I'm just nit-picking. Sorry.

The spin puzzles were also a bit annoying, having to click so many times. Maybe have it so that you can click and hold until you want the ring to stop turning?

All the same, I enjoyed the shit out of this :D The puzzles were tough enough to be mentally stimulating.

The eight puzzle is harder than the seventh, overally great puzzle game that forces you to think logically, very good despite me having several times an urge to quit but eventually I managed to complete all puzzles. GG